KeepSafe Technologies

Spring 2021

Critical design, design fiction, graphic design, CAD

A speculative response to NIMBYism.

KeepSafe Technologies is a speculative work based on the stigmatization of certain health conditions and how stigma manifests itself in our systems, interactions, and products. You can visit the site I made here, and read more about my research for this project at this page.

KeepSafe Technologies is a fictional corporation, selling a fictional product: The KeepSafe.

The Keepsafe restricts access to medication and other medically necessary products until users have passed an algorithmically determined set of criteria. Like many other products and systems, the KeepSafe is well-intentioned. However, it’s also been programmed with many of the same biases as its human creators.

This work of design fiction invites viewers to reflect on their own biases towards others, and a critical reflection on the way our systems discriminate against certain stigmatized health conditions.

Keyshot renderings of the KeepSafe product.

Graphics inspired by visual form of the KeepSafe.

Pages and graphics from the KeepSafe website I designed.