Amy Qu is a multidisciplinary design researcher and strategist. She is an alumna of Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design and currently an Innovation Strategist at Orange Sparkle Ball.

My design research and strategy practice is fueled by a constant curiosity for the world around me, and an unwavering belief that a better world is possible.

I’m passionate about using research to unpack complex human experiences and systems, using design to create solutions rooted in a deep understanding of the people they serve, and using strategy to shape longterm initiative success. 

As an alumna of Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design, I learned to analyze problems from a user’s perspective and tailor product features to meet those needs. As a design researcher tackling systemic challenges in public health, I pushed herself to think beyond an individual user, and to conceive of system-wide improvements that meet the needs of a diverse stakeholder network. 

Currently, I’m applying my passion for research, community engagement, and strategic design as an Innovation Strategist at Orange Sparkle Ball, an innovation agency focused on driving social and technological progress in private and public sector organizations.

My work has been featured in The Boston Globe, The Providence Journal, Fast Company, and occassionally, my mom’s fridge.

For all freelance or professional inquiries, please email me at the address linked below.

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