RISD Center for Complexity, Spring 2022

Product and Visual Design

The human-centered fentanyl test strip.

As a member of the RISD Center for Complexity’s Design Beyond Crisis studio, I learned about the importance of fentanyl testing to safer individual drug use. You can read more about my research process here.

Beacon is my redesign of the single use fentanyl test strip. With clear instructions and visual guides, Beacon encourages accuracy and safer drug use practices. It’s card-sized for convenient carrying and redistribution.

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Current test strip design vs. Beacon

While fentanyl test strips are highly useful, portable, and easy to use, I also realized there were several flaws in their current design. There were little to no instructions anywhere on the packaging. The packaging is also extremely flimsy and an unusual size. It wouldn’t fit in a typical-sized wallet without bending and potentially breaking the test strip. 

Beacon makes fentanyl testing easy to understand and share with others. 

What’s next?

I’m currently working with the RISD Center for Complexity to seek collaborators for further development of this project! If you’re interested in bringing an intervention like this to life, and putting it in the hands of real people, please reach out!